Make It Real: March 2012

Question: What is the difference between condemnation and conviction?

The enemy has set up his kingdom to counterfeit the ways of God. In God’s kingdom we have been given the Holy Spirit to live in our hearts and to convict us of sin. He causes us to feel guilty for the things we do that go against truth (His Word) and begins to work in our lives to bring us to repentance. Repentance is agreeing with God against the action that goes against His Word and then turning completely from it. True repentance will keep us from repeating the same sin. If you struggle with a certain sin, you may need deliverance to set you free from the spiritual bondage associated with the sinful behavior.

Holy Spirit conviction leads to the cross. At the cross, we not only repent of our sins and find the wisdom from God to change our actions, but we also release the guilt and find forgiveness.

However, condemnation, the enemy’s counterfeit to conviction, will cause one to feel hopeless. Guilt will overtake the person listening to the voice of the accuser (Satan). Many times people will blame the Lord for their problems. Satan intends for us to become bitter and jealous. He wants us to misunderstand God and blame God for the works of the enemy. We must stop the voice of the accuser. We need to cast down any imagination (thought, spoken word or dream) that condemns us. Then we need to repent for listening to the voice of the enemy and believing his lies about ourselves, others, and God. As we read the Word of God and spend time with Him, we will be able to distinguish between the voice of the Lord, our voice, and the voice of the accuser. Refuse to listen to the voice of the accuser!

Some will need to allow the Holy Spirit to heal the broken places in their heart. They may need to receive ministry from an anointed person who moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Discernment, the gift of knowledge, the gift of wisdom, and prophecy are gifts that operate to set people free from their wounded past so that the accuser’s lies can lose their hold. No matter how long it takes to find freedom from the lies of the accuser, the Holy Spirit yearns to take you on that journey to completeness in Christ.

God loves you and Jesus Christ died to set you free from all bondage. The Holy Spirit has been sent to lead us into all truth. The Word of God is precious and able to reveal the truth that will destroy the lies of the enemy. God has anointed ministers to help you walk into freedom. Let’s pray:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I need You to help me stop the voice of the accuser. I believe that Jesus died for all of my sins and He carried to the cross all the guilt associated with my failure. Forgive me for listening to the voice of the enemy and thinking it was my own thoughts or, even worse, that it was Your voice condemning me. God, I want freedom from these tormenting thoughts that leave me feeling hopeless. I open my heart to you, Holy Spirit, to reveal all truth. Show me any area that I need to bring to You so that together we can face any issue and stop the enemy from tormenting me. I forgive myself, Lord, for any mistake I have made. I open my heart to be sensitive to Your way of escape in every situation. Now, Lord, in faith I believe You will lead me to freedom. In Jesus name…Amen


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