Make It Real February 2012

Question: Where is God when we fail or fall into sin?

Answer: Jesus Christ is at the right hand of the Heavenly Father always interceding on your behalf (Ephesians 1:20). He is faithful even when we are not faithful (2 Timothy 2:13). When you study the prodigal son in the Word of God, you will see that once we humble ourselves and return to the Father, asking for His help, His arms are wide open and even celebrates that we have returned to Him.

I think you actually want to know why you don’t feel the presence of the Lord or hear His voice at this crucial time in your life. The enemy has blocked you from hearing the Lord and finding His direction and way of escape. Believing lies about God can actually empower the evil one to have authority in your life and circumstances. Believing doctrines of men that state that God doesn’t always answer us can actually release demonic spirits to hinder you from receiving from God.

First recognize that God is a wonderful Father that wants only the best for your life. Jesus Christ, the Lord of your life (which really means the one you are to serve) paid the price of separating you from your sin so that you could have unbroken fellowship with God. The Holy Spirit was sent to make this a reality in your life. When we continue to live life according to the works mentality, satan keeps us feeling condemned and worthless. If lies cause us not to believe in God’s unconditional love for us, we will fall into depression and hopelessness when we fail. The truth of repentance is so necessary to forgive ourselves and walk out of condemnation. Repentance refers to a complete change of mind concerning a behavior. We no longer agree with what the world states about an issue. We completely come in agreement with God’s way of seeing the issue. Believing lies about the nature of God can open the door to torment and fear of condemnation.

I highly recommend that people find a church that preaches and teaches the truth concerning the nature of God. The Holy Spirit wants to bring about the freedom that Christ won at Calvary. In the spirit realm, your freedom from the tormentor has been settled if you make Christ Lord of your life. The enemy has spent countless hours strategically master minding a way to take you captive to do his evil will. It may take divine healing of emotional baggage to bring you to the place of embracing the truth of the cross. Studying the Word of God and agreeing with the Holy Spirit is essential for walking out of the schemes of the evil one.

Let me encourage you to believe every word that the bible declares about the goodness of God and His unconditional love for you. Many need to receive anointed, Spirit led ministry to truly find deliverance from past abuse and bitterness. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you find the anointed ministry that you need to be able to understand and trust in the faithfulness of the Lord. God bless you as you begin your journey to freedom from fear of failure. Just know that once we ask Jesus to be Lord of our life, and we confess it to someone, we have the divine stamp of acceptance. The only true failure in this life is to not make Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


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