Make It Real December 2009

Question: I am tired of comparing myself to others. I know the Bible tells us it is unwise to compare yourself to someone else but how do I stop?

Answer: I asked the Lord that very thing one day after hosting a pastor’s conference. I noticed that everyone seemed to subtly boast of what their ministry or church was doing for the Lord. Though I know they understood that God was of course the One to receive the glory, it still seemed to have a competitive spirit about it. I cried out to God to reveal what was in my heart (and the heart of so many of us) and He told me to look up the word: contention. The definition of contention is to strive to be superior (the Lord spoke to my heart that it also means to strive not to be inferior). I told the Lord that it was easy to ask us not to be contentious but actually we seem to judge everything. We compare ourselves because we are so different. I asked the Lord why did He create us so diverse if He didn’t want us to compare ourselves to one another. It seems tiresome to constantly have to cast down a thought about someone or something.

The Lord’s answer changed my life and the way I think. He revealed to me that He had absolutely nothing to do with the inferior and superior judgmental way of perceiving one another. It was not of His Kingdom. I commented to the Lord that I did not understand how He created everyone so diverse and yet did not expect us to compare or judge. He revealed that the enemy set up the thought process of judging and evaluating one another. He said that the Kingdom was set up with the understanding of Creator and Creation. Father , Son and Holy Spirit the Creator and all the rest His creation for His glory. If you let this truth sink in, then it will change the way you view yourself and others. Our awesome and wonderful God chose to create exactly what and whom He wanted . He created each of us exactly as He desired. Who has the right to tell an artist that one painting is superior to another. Each painting is revealing an aspect that the artist wants to convey.

We need not fear even though the enemy has taken his paintbrush and put blemishes on the paintings. The Holy Spirit has been sent to restore the masterpieces to the original creation. Better yet, God declares that with the Holy Spirit we are a new creation in Christ Jesus and all the old things that never belonged in our lives will be put away. I am being made into the image of Christ Jesus for His glory. You are being made into the image of Christ Jesus for His glory. Praise the Lord that we can sit back and allow the work of the Potter without looking at all the other pottery with envy or disdain. Submit to the working of the Holy Spirit and He will cause you to become that which will glorify the Heavenly Father. 

When you find freedom from contention and judging one another, you will begin to enjoy people. You will find that God is awesome in all that He has created. I love enjoying people and seeing the potential that God has placed inside of them. If you want to find freedom from contention, praying this prayer is a great starting point:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgive me for striving to feel that I am better than others in certain areas of my life. Likewise, forgive me for comparing myself to others and feeling like I don’t measure up to what others expect of me. God I am tired of judging every situation and comparing myself to others. I repent for not embracing who you created me to be. We are all made in your image and likeness for your glory. Lord, I break the hold of contention on my life and I step into the Kingdom of Heaven where I recognize that you alone, God, are the superior One. You are the Creator and I am your creation. Help me Lord to see people the way you see them and rejoice in the uniqueness of each person you have created. In Jesus Name, Amen


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