Make It Real Sept 2009

Question: I want to understand the Godhead (trinity) aspect of God. Can you explain how God can be Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

Answer: I am not going to pretend to know all the answers about the mysteries of our awesome God. I will describe what I feel the Holy Spirit has revealed to me concerning the Godhead and show how it lines up with the scriptures. First the Word of God states that our God is a consuming fire. (Deut 4:24 / Heb12:29) The Word declares:
No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, is in the bosom of the Father, that One declares Him. ( John 1:18

I believe that Jesus is the very essence of God and comes from within the majesty and glory of God the Father. I imagine the throne room of God with this bright consuming fire radiating from His presence. I see the Son of God walking out of this intense brightness to interact with God’s awesome creation. The Son of God is God in a bodily form that proceeds from God so as to enjoy His creation. The Son of God is fully God revealed in a glorified form that can interact with all creation . After the fall I believe that mankind lost his spiritual sight and could no longer interact with or see God. There are divine experiences throughout the Old Testament in which God did reveal Himself to His prophets and chosen vessels but they are very rare. Jesus came as a human being through the womb of the virgin Mary, this awesome Son of God coming in flesh, to interact with humans and become their high priest to save them from their sins. Fallen man could see Jesus because He came in the flesh to dwell among them and relate to them. The Holy Spirit somehow took all that God is and placed it into a seed and then it impregnated Mary’s egg. Mary’s egg provided the flesh aspect of Jesus and the divine egg brought forth the divine nature of Christ. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). I suggest you study the book of John and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal how Jesus emerged from the Father. Jesus is all that creation needs to see to understand the Heavenly Father. When you experience and see Jesus, He declares you have seen the Father.

I believe that it is scriptural to say that the Holy Spirit is God’s own Spirit. Though invisible, He is very real. He can reveal God everywhere at all times. He is the Spirit of God. He can be grieved, so we know that He has emotions and is much more than just a power or force of God. He is called the teacher and comforter. He reveals the nature and heart of God. It would take much more than an article in a magazine to describe the attributes of our awesome God.

My prayer for you today is that you ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you. Who is Jesus? Many focus on Him as the Son of Man and rejoice in His humanity. But now that He is risen from the dead, we need to focus on Him as the Son of God and focus on His divinity. God proclaims in His Word that Jesus as the Son of God can only be revealed to us by the Heavenly Father and the gates of hell can not prevail against the church that has a revelation of Jesus as God! (Matt 16:16-18)


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