Make It Real July 09

Question: Why are some people not healed even when they believe that divine healing is for today?

Answer: God has placed many spiritual laws into existence, just as we have many natural laws (such as gravity). It is impossible to please God without faith, this is a spiritual reality. Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not seen. Faith means trusting in God and His Word. To trust in God we must truly know Him. We have to spend time in His presence; fellowshipping with Him by the Holy Spirit. We also must renew our minds and study His Word. Faith is not about our believing with our mind. Faith is believing with our heart (spirit). We have to submit our intellect to the authority of the Word of God and then ask the Holy Spirit to increase our ability to believe beyond our circumstances. Our spirit must be so united with the Lord that we know deep inside our inner most being that God’s promises are yes and amen.

Many times people believe for healing with their heads but do not allow the Holy Spirit his rightful place to lead and direct their paths. God will require many of us to go after root issues in our past that has produced the sickness or disease. We may be required to go to certain conferences or read specific books, only the Holy Spirit can lead each of us into our way of escape. God is the God of the individual and He has a specific way of escape from every trap of the enemy. Many believers try to choose the way of escape that they want to take (like an instant miracle). However, the Holy Spirit has a plan that must be followed in order to actually walk into our victory. To the believer that is mature God will have greater requirements for them to enter into their Bible promise. We can not compare ourselves to one another only the Holy Spirit has the action plan for victory in each individual’s life.

The spiritual laws are too numerous for us to try and walk out without the leading of the Holy Spirit. God is looking for a people who will be lead by His Spirit. Trying to make the Bible work in our trial will never accomplish the objective that God has for us: He wants a people who know Him. To find the healing that the Bible promises and that Jesus took stripes on His back to secure for us, we must be obedient to the Holy Spirit. He may require that we face a fear head-on, thus someone may have to go through medical treatment that they are afraid to tackle. God’s grace can take you through medical treatment. You may have judged someone or made a personal vow concerning someone’s decision to have or not have medical treatment and thereby opening a way for satan to have authority to bring the same situation to you.

One thing that you can know for certain, is that God’s Word is true. Jesus is the healer and the Holy Spirit knows your exact path to deliverance and healing. Allow your opinions and judgements to be laid at the cross and follow the Lord. The Lord is faithful even when we don’t understand due to our wrong thinking. My book, Joy Comes In the Morning, (free audio download at will help you understand the faithfulness of God when bad things happen. The Lord wants us to cry out for understanding and wisdom. He is willing to teach us the deeper truths of His Word and helps us to walk in His ways.

It is wonderful to know as believers that death has lost its sting. We go directly into the arms of Jesus when we leave our earthly tents. Every question is answered and every tear is wiped away. Let’s live our lives with the intention of growing in our knowledge of this wonderful Jesus. Our God is faithful. To further study this topic I suggest you read the following scriptures: Isaiah 53:5-6, 1Cornitian 10:13, Romans 8:14
Luke 8:46, Luke 9:2, Matthew chapters 6 and 7


Joy Comes In The Morning

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