Make It Real June 09

Question: How can people know that they are led by the Holy Spirit and not by anything else?

First I want you to understand that people can be led by their own desires and opinions, even when they profess to be led by the Holy Spirit. As we study the Word of God and seek the Lord’s guidance we will begin to be led by the Holy Spirit. A key is to become a doer and not a hearer only of God’s Word. For example, when the Word instructs us to put off gossip and malice, we need to recognize where we have participated and/or are still participating in these fleshly (even demonic) activities. We must allow the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts and then confess our sin and ask for forgiveness. Then if we still have a problem with gossip or malice, we have to realize that it is not an issue of our flesh only but has demonic spiritual ties. In that case, we will need to undergo inner healing and deliverance ministry. We will find that the Letters of the Epistles will come to life as we seek the Holy Spirit to purge us of all ungodliness!

Second, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to stir us to holy hunger for the Lord. We need to ask Him to help us develop a relationship with Jesus. As we allow the work of sanctification to go hand in hand with a deeper commitment to fellowshipping with the Lord, we will begin to mature in our relationship with Him. We will begin to understand God and His holiness. As we mature we will begin to understand that God truly does have the best in mind for us, and our submission to His will becomes our hearts’ cry.

Many people over spiritualize their relationship with God. They hear God through their own opinions and fleshly desires. They will misinterpret the Word of God to line up with their own areas of bondage. Soon we see compromise and blatant sin being justified because someone believes God revealed to him or her that they were free to participate in these activities. People are moving into delusion and self-deception when they exchange truth from God’s Word for an impression or voice in their head that does not come in agreement with the truth presented in God’s Word. The bible states clearly that we can know someone by the fruit of the Spirit in their life (read Galatians chapter five). Do not be overly impressed by someone’s spirituality if you do not see them becoming more Christ-like. Do not buy into doctrine that does not lift up Jesus Christ as Lord no matter how spiritual the teacher seems to be.

Allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher as you study the Word of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to increase the gift of discernment in your life. If your motive is to truly have the Holy Spirit lead your life then the bible clearly states that God will not give you a serpent. The key is to take the time and sort out your true motive.
You will know that the Holy Spirit is leading you when you walk out your life asking to be changed into the likeness of Christ. You will see your attitudes changing and your heart being filled with love for God. You will begin to truly love yourself without being high minded. And finally you will truly love others as you love yourself. For the Holy Spirit has been sent from our own Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that we can become mature sons and daughters of God. He is preparing a Bride for Jesus and she will be like her Lord. Beauty for Ashes Ministry has hours of teaching on CD to help you in this journey of being Holy Spirit led.


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