Make It Real April 2009

Question: How can we prepare for the awesome move of God on the horizon?

We need to allow the work of the Holy Spirit to heal the broken places in our lives. The Holy Spirit has been sent by our Lord Jesus Christ to teach us all His truths. He is the comforter. He is the One who is going to reveal Jesus and His unconditional LOVE. Until we deal with the coping mechanism that we have chosen to handle the junk that satan has thrown our way, those false ways of coping will actually be a hindrance to our finding freedom in Christ. Many of us have hidden past hurts deep inside our minds. Some have taken on different levels of denial. Others have made excuses or blaming others (even God) for all areas of failure or disappointment in their life. Deep down they do not feel they need a Savior since they cope with life by denying any wrongdoing. I could go through a long list of ways people have avoided the full work of the cross. We need to embrace the Holy Spirit as the One to heal the broken places in our life.

My intention in bringing this to the forefront in answering the question about being prepared for the next move of God is to help you understand that we are not waiting on God. He desires us to allow the working of the Holy Spirit to bring us to wholeness. He is requiring that we walk through the refining fire and find His faithfulness. Many do not understand God or His ways. We have grown accustom to man-made doctrines that make us feel okay about ourselves and our actions but always leave a question in our minds concerning the faithfulness of God. To prepare for the power that God wants to pour out in this last day, we must be healed from past hurts. We must have the blinders taken off of our eyes that do not allow us to see the faithfulness of God and our gigantic need for His mercy and grace.

God has revealed to me that those who continue to live in the realm of contention (striving to be superior or at least not inferior) will be lead astray by their own selfish ambition. Many will be talked out of believing that God truly does have the power to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and to make us holy. His standards are very clear in the Word and they change not. We have bought the lies of man that we are the important ones that must dominate to make the way for Jesus to return. Some have taken their eyes off of this wonderful God. We now have ministries that once taught true holiness and the importance of seeing the character of Christ formed in our lives falling into the spirit of error. Now many are exalting the anointing and calling as the criteria for service and negating the importance of the fruit of the Spirit and character of Christ. Any who follow in the way of this error will find themselves consumed with the lust for signs and wonders (thus a wicked generation look for a sign). When we do not seek to be holy by a heart transforming work of the Holy Spirit, then we seek after the things of the Spirit out of our need for recognition. Therefore, we follow man and his ideas and standards instead of crying out for the Holy Spirit to make the Word of God true in our life.

I am amazed but also grieved as I watch ministries that God used in the past to bring life changing revelation to the body of Christ, now compromising the Word of God and His Holiness. We are blind leading the blind when we change the understanding of the grace and power of God’s unconditional love to propose a sloppy grace that winks at sin. We desperately need to study the Word of God in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and change not the understanding of holiness by calling people self-righteous who will not compromise the standard of God. The consequences of not allowing the Holy Spirit to heal past hurts will lead to sin. Sin not brought to the cross will eventually lead to death.

As we cry out for the glory of the Lord to cover the earth and we hunger for the move of God’s apostolic power being restored, let us not forsake the sanctifying work of God. Now is preparation time. Ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Cry out for the Lord to reveal the hidden things of your heart. Do not cover up your sin. Do not pretend that the enemy is not tempting you and your flesh is beginning to respond if that is the case. Cry out for deliverance. We have two powerful free teachings on are web at . Jus t go to our video teachings entitled Perfect Love and Loving Yourself. God has a wonderful freedom coming to His bride as she makes herself ready for His return.


Joy Comes In The Morning

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