Make It Real: May 2012

Question:  As a Christian, I am having a difficult time deciding how to vote in the upcoming elections. Does it matter if I vote for a non-believer?


We must always go to the Word of God to help us with any decision of this magnitude.God is always looking at our heart condition.When we become legalistic,    


 Let us examine what God’s Word states concerning governmental authorities.


Rom 13:1 Let every soul be subject to higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, but the existing authorities have been ordained by God.


      With this in mind, we need to seek God’s will before we vote.  I believe that the authorities placed in office are a direct result of the idolatry or faithfulness of the church.  We have been given authority in the areas that we are in agreement with Christ.  If you study the Word of God, both Old and New Testament, you will see that judgment comes when God’s people walk in blatant sin and idolatry.  When I see someone running for a governmental office who openly confesses another religion or false truth, then I would study the kings of the Old Testament that worshiped Baal.  We can see how God rejects the kings that serve other gods (Study the 1 Kings 11).  The people suffer when God allows a non-believer to govern the people of God. 


      We also know that many confess to be Christians but do not have a relationship with Christ.  It is more important that a candidate truly live the Christian life than to just use the Christian title to seek votes.  God is clear in His Word that a nation that blesses Israel will be blessed.  Since I believe the Word of God, I desire to see who is truly looking out for God’s nation, Israel.  Likewise, since it is serving Molech (2 Kings 23:10) to burn your babies, I truly am opposed to electing someone who supports abortion.  The Bible also reveals that serving Mammon (money and greed- see Luke 16:13) is serving a false god.


       You need to seek the Lord and vote according to your faith and relationship with Jesus.   Make sure that you yield your own heart to the Holy Spirit to be cleansed and tested.  Find out if you live with greed or fear of poverty in your own heart. If you do, then repent so that you can hear clearly when you vote.  If you value economic stability over the life of unborn children, then you may have a difficult time obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. 


        As a Christian, my desire is to elect officials that are born again of the Spirit of God.  A mature believer who know the ways of God and is sensitive to His Spirit would be my choice to lead our nation.  Only God can turn around the issues in our land.  To answer your question, I would vote for the candidate that would be less likely to hinder the freedom of religion.  My desire is to continue to mature the people of God so that they can do great exploits for the Lord.  I pray that we can live in a nation that does not persecute the believer and hinder the work of God.  My heart is grieved that born again believers are so persecuted and mocked in the liberal media, and that the people of God seem to be so divided that we have a difficult time electing truly God fearing people to run our nation.  This election I find myself crying out for mercy.


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