Make It Real: October 2012


Question:  As a Christian how do you suggest we handle the whole Halloween thing?

The Holy Spirit is certainly not afraid of the enemy trying to take the glory for a day He created.  I highly recommend that we “Take Back the Night with the Light”.  At Beauty For Ashes Church and Ministry, we organize an outreach to the local mobile home park.  A group of young adults and teens place tables full of goodie bags at the main office parking lot.  Each goodie bag has a tract or card which shares the gospel message as well as flyers inviting the families to come to our church.  We organize special events that the family might be interested in participating in such as movie night or our tag-less yard sale (which is set up like a yard sale but all the items are free).  Of course we inform them of our children’s church and other ministry available.
We use bright colorful lights, even Christmas lights, and Christian music.  No one dresses in a costume but everyone wears bright colors and jeans.  Every year we give out over 200 goodie bags telling the neighborhood behind our church about the love of Christ.  What a great opportunity to evangelize and share Christ.  Also, we have families from our church who agree to stay home on October 31st , and give out goodie bags at their homes.  Likewise, they use bright lights and Christian music to set the atmosphere for this time of reaching out to our neighbors.   We do not preach at the children or in any way shame them for trick or treating. We just point them to Who really created everyday for His glory, Jesus. 
I pray that all of those who read this will pray about making October 31st a great night of evangelizing.  We need to reveal the goodness of our God.  For those who plan to attend the Halloween Alternative festivals at the area churches, I encourage you to take as many neighborhood children as possible.  God is calling us to reach out in love and bring these young people to the realization of the love of the Heavenly Father.  As we put our fears and self righteousness behind us, we can use this occasion to glorify God.
I encourage you to be honest with your own children and get them involved in making Halloween a night of evangelism.  You can have your children make cards sharing the love of Christ.  The cards can be placed in goodie bags that you have the children help you hand out.  I always suggest that you give your children goodie bags; so that they do not feel deprived for believing in Christ.  I like to outdo the enemy by celebrating Jesus with every opportunity that I can.  My children are grown now, but they have never felt deprived, but always blessed.  We have never participated in evil celebrations or movies.  They were restricted in the television programs that they could watch, but with wisdom from the Holy Spirit and a heart to glorify God, we helped them enjoy their childhood with creative ways to celebrate Christ.   
You can check out more information on “Take Back the Night with the Light” at our web site at   God bless you as you take every opportunity to win the lost to Jesus.
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