Make It Real: November 2012


Question:  What is your opinion concerning God allowing an unbeliever to be president of a Christian nation?

When you study the scriptures you will find a very distinct pattern that when Israel worshipped idols and refused to repent, then an evil king would rule over them ( Judges 3:12, 1Samuel 8:6-9:1, Duet 32:16).  I believe God turns us over to our idolatry if we continue to walk after the world and its lust.  The leadership of a nation many times reflects the beliefs of that nation.  If you live in a Christian nation such as the USA then the leadership that is in office reflects what is going on in the Church.  For example, if the Church does not recognize that Jesus the deliverer has come and the power of poverty has been broken then God may give them the human deliverer they cry out to see in office.  However, they will find that the one they looked to that is not Jesus will bring the nation to financial ruin.  They wanted a man to deliver them from poverty and to take care of them, so a nation goes into poverty trying to displace God in the name of politics.  You will find that satan is amused that when man looks to another to meet their daily needs, they are willing to sacrifice their own babies directly from the mother’s womb.  Then we wonder why violence is so prevalent in our land?  We kill babies or elect people to office who do not stop such violence and then we ask why God would allow violence.  We reap what we sow as a people in this land. 
I would like to add that if the church would awaken from her slumber and greed, she would meet the needs of the oppressed and the truly needy.  The Word makes it clear that we are to take care of widows and orphans.  It makes it clear that God will not help a man who refuses to work and that they should not be given free food.  We the Church need spiritual eyes to be champions for those who have been oppressed by the enemy.  God would give us great ways to build up people to know who they are in Christ and help them find work that God could bless. 
Now if God would place someone in office of a false “christian” faith what would be His message to the Church?  I believe He would be revealing our own false spirituality and self righteousness.  We would need to see through His eyes and find true repentance for our intellectual ways of handling our lives.  We would need to see where we have a form of godliness which denies the true power of the Holy Spirit.  If the Church looses sight of Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of the Heavenly Father, and we embrace doctrine that equates Jesus (who is God and the exact image of the Father) as being less than who He really is then we might see the White House residents belonging to a false belief system that does not know who Jesus really is. 
For God to judge our desire to change behavior instead of the heart condition (self righteousness) then we might find someone leading our nation who seems morale and a follower of the biblical laws but who lacks a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  A Church without the reverent fear of the Lord may reap a President or other leaders who serve false gods and bring our nation under the bondage.  Now add the love of money (economic concerns) as the primary cause for electing a person to oversee our nation and you might find the spirit of Babylon (Revelation 18:2-18:24 ) that will corrupt the nations of the earth and set in motion the rising of the Antichrist. 
So does it matter who is elected in a nation?  I would say Church wake up repent for the idols in your heart that has placed our nation in such a sad place.  God knows that with thousands of dedicated Christians in our nation, He could have given us someone who could find His wisdom to help us in this difficult time.  We the Church need to get serious about those things that truly matter to God.  A house divided cannot stand and a church divided will have to unite by the working of the Holy Spirit.  I have repented for my own concern about finances and the self righteousness that God revealed was in my heart.  Look deep in your heart and you will find why we have this particular President at this time in history. 
On the happy note, if we truly allow the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to our own spiritual conditions and that of our nation, then He can turn this situation around.  Can we as a Church unite to help the oppressed, the poor and those who have been treated unjustly?  Can we as a people repent for tolerating abortion and same sex marriage for the sake of having our needs meet by the government? 
We the Church have been used by two political agenda’s,( both with some godly people just trying to fulfill the calling on their lives) nonetheless, agenda’s full of corruption.  We all must yield to the Holy Spirit to show us our hearts so that we can be cleansed and truly represent Christ on this earth.    This election reveals more about the Church in American than most of us want to see, but we have a merciful God if we will but see the way He sees. 
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