Make It Real: January 2013


Question:  Concerning ministry to those who have walked through the valley of the shadow of death: What Now?

After the recent tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, I felt it would be beneficial to share some of the answers on coping with the death of a loved one that can be found in my book, Joy Comes in the Morning.  Many of those who read this monthly column do not know that I lost my own seven year old daughter in 1992 to a freak accident.  I am living proof that God’s grace is sufficient no matter how difficult the trial.  What was meant for evil from satan, was turned to good by our loving Lord.  Twenty years ago, I could not imagine that I would have a book, radio programs, hundreds of teaching series, a Church, and would be a mentor to hundreds of pastors in the Philippines.  My family is very close and all of us have overcome what satan tried to do in our lives.  We have prayed for babies that were declared dead in the womb, and celebrated their completely healthy births months later.  We have celebrated many healings and breakthroughs.  God is faithful and His Word is true - every time.
Chapter Eleven of Joy Comes in the Morning, is entitled:  What Now?  I will give a brief overview of this chapter.  The following are biblical truths to win a battle against sorrow and grief:
  1. This is the most difficult truth to receive because of our human pride: If you consider the tragedy to be God’s will, you then need to repent of blaming God for the trial that the evil one has placed you in.  Once we humble ourselves and refuse to credit God with the enemy’s evil plan, then the grace for our healing will begin to flow. 
  2. Seek God for comfort.  You must be certain that you have a true relationship with God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Ask Christ to come into your heart in a real way.  Ask Him to forgive you of all your sins.  Ask Him for the grace to forgive anyone who has hurt you or your family.  Forgive yourself where needed and do not allow condemnation to attack your thought life.
  3. Find people who have true faith and believe in the faithfulness of God.  Share with them the story of your loved one’s passing.  You may not be able to think of anything else for a season, so do not be afraid to talk about your loved one.  Talk about the pain and bring truth from God’s Word to the situation.
  4. Do not become angry with God but focus all anger on the evil one.  Whatever tragedy we face, satan is the author of evil plans.  He is forever condemned and you are allowed to agree with God against evil.  People must be forgiven and placed in the hands of God because He is the only One capable of true judgment.  When we judge we take His place and this stops grace from flowing to us and actually opens the door to torment.
  5. Read the Bible.
  6. Play praise and worship music.
  7. Read biblical books about heaven and study the Word of God concerning Heaven.
  8. Learn to cast down imaginations that break your heart concerning your lost.  Replace the imaginations with the truth about the glory of heaven and seeing your loved one again because of the work of the cross.
  9. Talk about your loved one in the reality that if they are a believer they truly are alive in heaven. 
Even as I review my book, I see areas of increase in understanding that I have now.  We are on a journey to know Jesus and the Heavenly Father.  We are being changed into His likeness.  Victory comes when we hold on to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.  The book goes into much more detail about how to overcome sorrow and grief.  If you have lost a child please call Beauty for Ashes at 757-890-0007 for your free copy.  All others can order the book online or in our bookstore for a love offering.

Joy Comes In The Morning

sm-book-img Joy Comes in the Morning  is Cyndi Foster's testimony of overcoming sorrow and grief. Available for an offering of $10.00

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