Make It Real: April 2013


QUESTION:  What is an inner healing?

The term inner healing is being used both in society and the church.  I do not believe that we should let anyone use a formula or a learned method to suggest to someone to revisit their painful past experiences.  However, the Holy Spirit has led me through the gift of knowledge to know an area that someone was strategically wounded by the enemy.  In those areas of attack, bitterness enters in, and that bitterness perverts their perception of God and themselves.
Let me share my first experience with the Holy Spirit having me minister to someone to heal the emotionally wounded place in their heart.  A young woman came to a bible study I was hosting and shared how she had been molested by her father when she was a child.  Her father had found Christ and had sincerely repented and asked her forgiveness.  She did forgive him and they have a good relationship as adults.  However, she still had bitterness towards God for allowing the abuse to happen.  As she was sharing her testimony, I began to see with my spiritual eyes a vision of this young girl in a white flannel nightgown.  She was being led down a hallway to a specific bedroom.  I saw her crying and whispering to God to please stop her dad from taking her into that room.  As I watched this inner vision and spoke it out loud to the ladies in the room, the young woman who desired freedom from bitterness, began to cry.  She recounted that her father took her down a narrow hallway to the same bedroom every time he molested her. The hurt place in her soul was surfacing and she was experiencing the fear and pain of those childhood experiences.  I was not sure what to say or do.  I remember telling the Lord I did not believe in inner healing and He said that He did so I needed to just speak into this women's life what He reveals.  
At this point in the vision I saw the father take her in the room and close the door.  The woman was crying and feeling all the anger and bitterness toward God that the experience had produced in her life when she was a child.
 I was waiting on the Holy Spirit for what to do next. Suddenly with anger in her voice, the woman screamed out to God as to why He allowed this to happen when she begged Him to stop her father from touching her again.  She was sobbing at this point.  In my heart I asked the Holy Spirit what I was to do now.  Then in my spirit,  I saw blood dripping down upon the young girl in the white nightgown.  As I looked more intensely at the scene in my spirit, I noticed the feet of the Lord with nails through them.  His blood shed on the cross was spilling onto the young girl.  Then the Lord began to speak through me.  He revealed that because of human's rights to free will choices, evil acts occur to hurt many people.  The enemy operates in the lives of hurt people to bring pain into the lives of others.  The cycle of perversion continues from generation to generation unless someone finds truth and deliverance in Jesus Christ.  
He went on to explain that too few know how to take authority over the enemy- especially when they are so young.  The power to bind and stop the enemy is given to the believer, but few walk in the depth of understanding and relationship with the Lord to operate in true faith. However, when He hung on that cross, stripped and humiliated, He
paid to set us free from such abuse. The healing must be received in faith, and just like physical healing, it is real.  What He couldn't stop due to free will choice, He willingly suffered so that those who unwillingly suffer can be healed.  What a Lord!  What a glorious work His suffering accomplished.  
This young women found true healing from her broken heart.  She repented for misjudging God and blaming Him for not preventing the abuse.  She received peace to this area of her personality.  
In Luke 4:18 Jesus states:  The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me. Because of this He anointed me to proclaim the gospel to the poor;  He sent Me to heal the brokenhearted...
Now His desire is that by the Holy Spirit moving through our lives we also bring healing to the emotionally wounded.  What the Holy Spirit ministers to bring wholeness and heal broken hearted people, I refer too as true inner healing.

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