Make It Real: June 2013


Question:  After hearing a Christian teaching on walking in my destiny, I reevaluated my current job situation. I really thought I was wasting my gifting and not fulfilling my calling so I walked away from a decent job to make the way for God to open a door for me in ministry.  Now months later I am without a job and needing to move in with my parents. I really thought I had faith for a ministry door open.  I even thought the Lord directed me to quit my job as an act of faith. What went wrong?

In the Word of God, Apostle Paul speaks about    faith that is not pretended.  Pretended faith is a very dangerous counterfeit of true faith that leads many believers to experience disappointment when they thought they were stepping out in faith.  I know of situations in which people really felt that God had instructed them to avoid medical procedures because they needed to reveal their faith by trusting Him for their healing.  In reality they did not want to suffer the painful procedure that the medical solution would require. With a belief in God as the Healer (which He most certainly is) they see God as the answer to not facing costly and painful medical procedures.  In reality, once the sickness or disease is ravaging their health, they need to trust that God can work through the medical community.
 Faith is developed as we invest in a relationship with God through our interaction with His Holy Spirit, which is possible because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.  True faith is a result of time in the presence of God, studying His Word, and having revelation poured into our spirit man.  It produces a love for Jesus and for the Heavenly Father that will cause us to worship and adore or awesome God. Faith is  a real substance in the spirit realm that cannot be manufactured by our minds. Our intellect wants to produce formulas and man made works to solve our problems.  Pretended faith is our intellect spiritualizing our fear and unresolved issues and wanting to make God work out our problems based on His Word. Holy Spirit is not moved by our fear and demands.  Therefore, we can find ourselves delusional concerning our situations yet we call it faith.  The result of true faith is that the promise of God that we are believing for with our heart will be revealed.  Delusional faith will produce a disappointment or even cause us to manipulate and control others to try and make our promise happen.  Many have died on sickbeds while denying medical help - all in the name of faith. 
Your question concerning quitting your job because you felt that you needed to step out in faith to fulfill your destiny is very similar.  True faith would have the doors of ministry open for you and your parents not being burdened with your choice.  Holy Spirit may have a calling to ministry on your life.  Your faith may have been adequate to have you apply for a ministry internships and see that door open.  Then it would take the faith to leave a job and begin to prepare for the ministry calling.  Step by step God would make the way and build your faith.   When you truly walk in real faith you will know the voice of the Lord as well as His heart.  As you mature to trust Him and walk out in faith such as Abraham was required to do (after a powerful encounter with the true and living God) and walk out His will, you will find Him faithful.  God wants us to deal with our fears and issues so that we can walk in true faith and glorify Him.  Check out my web site at for hours of free teaching to help you face your issues and find freedom. Once your heart has been healed and your opinions have been yielded to the Holy Spirit, then hearing the Lord, in His Word and through encounter, will produce powerful faith!

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