Make It Real: August 2013


Question:   The Church seems so divided especially when it comes to the Republicans and Democrats as well as when we look at th way different races in the Body of Christ see things.  I don't understand how the Holy Spirit is going to unify His Church.  Has God given you any revelation on how He plans to bring unity to His Body?

Great question; if anyone reading this is following the news lately then this question may be on your heart.  I want to share with you what God showed me personally during the last elections.  I was in the Philippines when I heard who had won the elections.  Honestly, I did not want either candidate to lead our nation so I did not have a strong opinion one way or the other (I just wanted 2016 to be here already!).  Your opinions speak into your thoughts and some confuse their own opinions for the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, when I thought I heard the Holy Spirit speak in my heart which candidate was going to win, since I did not hold a strong opinion about the outcome, I felt confident that it was the voice of the Lord.  When the outcome was officially announced I was surprised because it was not the candidate that I thought the Holy Spirit had revealed to me.
 Confusion is not from the Lord.   Immediately I asked the Lord what had spoken to my heart.   He revealed that when I identified myself with a certain political party that it actually gave a “political party spirit” a voice in my thoughts.  Immediately I repented for aligning myself up with any political party and asked the Holy Spirit to forgive me for giving another His rightful place to lead me.  Voting is extremely important.  As Christians, we need to lay down our opinions when we vote. Seriously, we must seek the Lord about His plan for our nation.  His Word declares that He desires peace for believers that the gospel can be preached.  Saving souls is always the priority for the Lord and He will bless nations that allow evangelism.  Moral issues such as abortion and same sex marriage are very important to God.  Likewise, caring for the poor and social justice should be the concerns of all Christians.  We need to have His Spirit lead us to elect compassionate leaders who love the Lord. 
As believers we are to lay down our lives and seek His Kingdom.  Holy Spirit sees the issues of life from a much higher perspective than we do.  Due to our own fears and selfish needs, we tend to polarize to extreme opinions and think that God agrees with us.  Instead, we need to see what His Word declares beginning with the gospels.  For example, Jesus rebukes Peter when in self defense he uses violence to stop the soldier from arresting Jesus.  Jesus heals the soldier’s ear that was chopped off by a zealous Peter and declares a spiritual truth:    Then Jesus said to him (Peter), put your sword back in its place.  For those who live by the sword shall perish by a sword.  Matthew 26:52
Obviously, Jesus recognized a place for Peter to own a sword but He clearly reveals that believers do not use violence against violence.  We are to trust in Christ to protect us and take care of our lives.  I am not trying to get into a debate concerning gun control, but I want to make a point that many Christians would confuse their political stance in favor of gun ownership with the biblical truths that Jesus reveals.  I believe this confusion is due to our fears, opinions and allegiances.  In a nation as diverse as the USA, the people of God need to lay down their identities and become established in Christ Jesus.  Paul states it so clearly in Galatians 2:20:  I have been crucified with Christ, and I live; yet no longer I, but Christ lives in me.  And the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith toward the Son of God, the One loving me and giving Himself over on my behalf.
Clearly Paul is no longer holding on to his past opinions and titles, he desires to follow the Lord and His leading.  Compassion and mercy triumph over judgment for those who truly love like Christ loves.  I encourage the entire Body of Christ to enter into their citizenship as a member of the Kingdom of God and to be ambassadors of reconciling people to God (see 2Co5:20).  We need to lay down our idols and see the importance of loving people into wholeness.  I personally believe that God is calling out a remnant who have learned to walk in His authority and enter into His righteousness.  This remnant will be mighty in prayer and powerful in their obedience to the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Truly the heart of God is for His people to walk in so much love that we will see a harvest for the Kingdom of God.  

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