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Beauty for Ashes Store > The Voice of God

The Voice of God

Price now: $18.00

This Teaching Covers:
® What Can Keep You From Hearing His Voice?
® How  Past  Hurts, Involvement  in New Age or Witchcraft, Being Entertained by the Demonic Supernatural, Not Studying the Word of God, Covering Doctrine, and Practicing Sin, will Bring Confusion concerning His Voice.
® Yielding to the Holy Spirit as the Sanctifier and Studying the Word of God will Help You Discern His Voice.
® Looking at the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in Your Life
® Jesus is the Shepherd and we are His Sheep
® Pastors are to Care for God’s People and Not Take Ownership of Them
® Covering Doctrine causes Leaders to Expect People to Follow Them instead of Jesus
Scripture References:
· Exodus, Deuteronomy, 1 Samuel, Psalms, Haggai, Micah, Matthew, Mark, Acts, 1 Timothy
Altar Calls: 
· Healing for those who never felt they were special and went after spirituality to feel important