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Make It Real December 2011
Question: What do I do if I know the Lord wants me to go on a missions trip, but when I ask my husband if I can go, he tells me not to go? More ...
Make It Real: October 2011
Question: As a Christian I do not want our family to participate in Halloween. How should I handle my children’s disappointment? More ...
Make It Real Sept 2011
Question: A reader wrote this question after finding her husband on the internet viewing homosexual pornography while their nine year old child was in the room. She immediately asked him to leave the home. She was contemplating divorcing him prior to... More ...
Make It Real August 2011
Question: When my mother gives me advice she seems to bring up past mistakes that are embarrassing to me. The comments are not relevant to my current life as a Christian. I see myself repeating this with my own children. Can you help me break this pattern More ...
Make It Real July 2011
Question: How do you keep yourself from growing weary when you have believed for a healing that hasn’t materialized after years of praying? More ...
Make It Real: June 2011
Question: Should Christians try to avoid speaking on political or moral issues when their discussion would probably offend someone? More ...
Make It Real April 2011
Question: I am disappointed in God. I stood on His Word and believed for certain situations to change and did not see any results. How can I hold on to my faith when it doesn’t seem to work? More ...
Make It Real March 2011
Question: What does God mean when He desires for us to be meek? More ...
Make It Real February 2011
Question: What do you think of the transference of wealth theory that many faith teachers and prophets are talking about for 2011? More ...
Make It Real: January 2011
Question: I listen to you on the radio. When you talk about a “hyper spirituality” what exactly are you referring to? More ...
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